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The Royal Round

The Royal round is the name for the official scoring system for live weapons. There is a Royal Round scoring for both Target Archery and Thrown Weapons.


In Thrown Weapons it records the scores of your three major weapon types, thrown from set distances.


One can throw inspected weapons, that are within the traditional style parameters, with in each of the three catagories.


Blades such as throwing knives, daggers and seaxes are the first catagory


The second is axes, many head shapes and haft sizes are used


The third are throwing spears. The lighter spears designed for throwing, javalin and pilum types are best. Larger spears will not be of benefit to target or arm and will rarely not sag to the ground under their own weight when stuck. This disqualifies the throw.


Two marked distances are to be thrown from behind (there is a variance based on the approximate rotation of each. (so anywere behind the line is permissable).


The first distance is behind the 10 foot mark.

The second is behind the 18 foot mark.

The third is specifically for spear and must be behind the 20 foot mark.


In total 15 throws are made

3 knives from 10 and 3 from 18

3 axes from 10 and 3 from 18

3 spear from the 20


The ten foot range is approximately 1 rotation and is the minimum safe distance to throw from for knife and axe (note: weapons do bounce and can bounce back as far or farther than one throws, depending on the force thrown and the way the weapon strikes the target)

The Spear's minimum safe distance has been determined to be at least 20 feet, though the same caution still applies as above.

One may start with any catagory they wish. However, once one begins the round one must continue till all weapons are thrown. No additional advice or practice is given. Weapons with multiple sticking points must be marked as to which is intended to stick.


New Royal Round Scoresheet

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