Trimarian Hurlers

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Range Rules

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Thrown Weapons


Rules of the Line



A.    Do not stand or walk behind throwers on the line.


B.     No side-arm throwing of weapons.


C.     Just before each throw, look behind to ensure that it is clear.


D.     Do not throw at a target containing other gentles’ weapons without their expressed permission.


E.     Ask the TWM for permission before “filling in” the line.


F.     Be aware of sharp points and edges of weapons.


G.    Throw only at designated targets.


H.    Do not throw until commanded to do so.


I.       Do not retrieve until commanded to do so.


J.       If “Hold!” is called, put down your weapon(s) and remain in position.


K.     Once you have completed your throws, stay in position or a short step backwards until further directions are given.


L.      Do not throw any weapons that have not been inspected.


M.  Remove only your own weapons from the target, unless prior permission is given by the marshal in charge.


N.    Remove weapons by “working “them out. Do not yank them out.


O.   Do not swing weapons aimlessly or in a careless manner. Always be aware of what may be in the path of your weapon when it is swung.


P.     Do not handle other people’s weapons without their expressed permission.


Q.   Keep alert. Weapons can and will bounce back from your target if miss-thrown.


R.     At all times a thrower will have control of their throwing weapons on the range.


S.     No one who has been drinking alcoholic beverages or is otherwise impaired is permitted on the range.


T.     Footwear that covers the top of the foot must be worn to prevent injury in case of dropped weapons.


No one under 18 years of age may handle or throw thrown weapons lest monkeys fly out of the anuses of Their Majesties.

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