Trimarian Hurlers

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Thrown weapons

  1. Do I need to be authorized like a fighter in the SCA

    No you don't we welcome experienced and beginning throwers. One must only be 18 or over wering protective shoes and willing to read and sign off on the rules of the range.

  2. Will someone be able to teach me?

    Yes our Rangers and other experienced throwers will guide you and teach you how to throw safely. They will explain how it works and get you throwing quickly.

  3. Do I need to be a member of the SCA to throw?

    If you come to an event, you may pay the non member fee for admitance then be covered to throw. If you come to a practice localy you will be welcomed and invited to join. It is our hope that in time, you will be excited about becoming part of a group which supports your interests and be looking to serve as well as participate.

  4. How old must I be?

    18 years of age or older.

    These are Society standards.

    The Kingdon is however working on a possible minor safe activity for thrown weapons that is like unto that of the youth light and heavy fighting. more information will be available soon.

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