Trimarian Hurlers

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Who We Are

We are the Kingdom of Trimaris' (The Floridian chapter of the Society of Creative Anacronism) Thrown Weapons Rangers and Hurlers. We practice the martial discipline of target throwing with many types of bladed weapons, axes and spear. We value honor and good sportsmanship, but above all we focus on safely learning and practicing this medeival weapons form. Our rules and proceedures are determined by the Society and the Kingdom and all weapons are inspected initially and continuously by authorised saftey marshals. Participation in these activities does not require authorization but must be practiced by those 18 years of age or older. Instruction is always available and loaner equipment can be provided. We encourage participants to throw their own weapons subject to inspection by the marshal, and appreciate period style, but are not exclusive of more modern peices.  Durable, closed toe shoes are required upon the range.


At this time we have some goals that will help us better establish the mission of the Ranger community within  the kingdom and  the society.


We will endeavor to throw Royal Rounds (official Kingdom-wide scoring) at all events


We encourage the use and construction of the Trimarian Model Target by Rangers and Hurlurs alike (a PDF of the target's construction and scantlings will be made available)


We are enlisting the aid of  TrimarianThrown Weapons authorized Rangers to assume responsability for TW activities in their region and coordinate with the Kingdom TW Ranger for targets, forms, records and events.


By meeting these goals, we as a Kingdom will be in a better position to form an inter-kingdom league of regional teams, whose champions may be selected to represent Trimaris to the Society at large

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