Trimarian Hurlers

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It was a cool, misty morning...


The Kingdom of Trimaris, normally known for its warm climate, wore a different face. It was as if Thor had givin us just the right setting to honor the gods and peoples of the North.


The rain had slowed to a drizzle and the targets had been erected. Arrows flew to the east, shot by archers and rangers, their powerful longbows creaking and twanging with the effort of their draw and release. Many in the Kingdom enjoyed archery, men and women from the very young to the oldest among them were instructed in the use of the bow for hunting and defense.


But ranged weapons included other skills and today the strong wooden target, 10 yards downrange, felt the jarring impact of steel and wood as it recieved into its grain the points and edges of sharp axes, blades of all types and long wicked throwing spears.


The folk who threw these live weapons were a group of individuals fostered by the Archery Rangers, born into the archers ranks, but set apart to practice this special martial activity. 


On this morning another man had come into their ranks, not a common man, though he weilded a common touch, this man was a king. He was King Kurn of Trimaris and his interest was piqued when trying this activity during his corronation. Today he would satisfy his curiosity further and put himself to the test.


My name is Ringulf. I am a man of the North who found his way to this warm land to serve Trimaris on the thrown weapons range. My Hurlers and I welcomed this man into our midst, joyful that a king would dain to rub shoulders in this way with his subjects, customarily among the Norse, a Jarl or Kung would enjoy this position as first among equals. Today it would be so in Trimaris. 


After a long day of throwing, retrieving, instruction and learning, the field was narrowed to just three men. Kurn was among them. They had all thrown for points and were each equal in total. It was put to a lady of the court how we should break this tie and she said that above all she felt the axe to be a most manly challenge. So it was decided that each of the three Hurlers would throw three axes to decide their standing.


With  all their arms aching and stretched to their limit, the first young warrior threw but did not score within the circles. The next warrior, older and a bit more experienced, had held just enough back to allow him to score 2 points. When Kurn next threw, he matched the older warrior. So it was that a second challenge round must be thrown.


During the day the older warrior had taught the king a special throw, one that was a bit more difficult and not accomplished by many. He showed him how to throw one axe from each hand at the same time, striking the target together. It was this throw that was selected as the challenge.


The Warior out of courtesy to his Lord threw first and though the throw was well placed the rotation was slightly less than optimal for the burying of the axes top horn. When they hit the target the blades both struck flat and they fell to the ground.


King Kurn stepped to the line, he had not the experience but certainly had the measure of the technique. The spectators were still, the feild was silent. The king raised both axes and stood broadly to the target. With a mighty heave he flung the two hawks whirling end over end.


The black steel heads bit deeply into the fresh wood and spinters flew. When all had released their corporately held breaths, the two axes were sunken deeply and accurately into the target.


All hail Kurn"Two Axe"!  King of Trimaris, it is he who exorted me to make this forum and I, the old warrior, who gratefully bows to his request.


Lord Ringulf Haakonson

Kingdom Thrown Weapons Officer


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  • No authorization is needed, must be 18 years of age or older, instruction is always available, use your own weapons upon inspection, or kingdom loaners.

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